By Grace Theatre Company (other events)

3 Dates Through Nov 19, 2016

Grace Theatre Company is thrilled to present its 2016 Fall Play:

RUMORS by Neil Simon

Rumors, by Neil Simon, is a madcap, slamming door farce set in a large home located just outside of New York City in the year 1988. As the play opens, we learn that the Deputy Mayor of New York, Charley Brock, has just shot himself.  Though only a flesh wound, this sets off a mysterious and hilarious series of events in one of Neil Simon’s best known comedies.

Four couples gather to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of Charley and Myra Brock. However, as the play begins the host and hostess are nowhere in sight. Charley's lawyer, Ken, and his wife, Chris—first to arrive—must get “the story” straight before the other guests show up.  Lenny and Claire are next on the scene, having just had a car accident that left Lenny with a bad case of whiplash and Claire with a bruised lip.  Ernie and Cookie appear next, and suspect something is amiss pretty quickly.  Finally, Glenn and Cassie arrive, fighting between themselves about a suspected affair.  As the confusions and miscommunications mount, the evening spins off into classic farcical delight.

Directed by Sabrina Jacob
Assistant Director: Ingrid Martin
Stage Manager: David Carzis
Sound Designer: Anya Zaretsky
Wardrobe Supervisor: Emmaline Ellsworth
Prop Master: Josh Gomes
Backstage Crew: Maddy Creed

Principal Cast:
Ken Gormon - Gabe Lopez
Chris Gormon - Penelope Hinds
Lenny Gantz - Nick Molinaro
Claire Gantz - Georgia Ossorguine
Ernie Cusak - James Mahedy
Cookie Cusak - Lydia Riess
Glenn Cooper - Luke Morris
Cassie Cooper - Charlotte Spohler
Officer Welch - Sabina Bertozzi
Officer Pudney - Manny Cardoba-Castro

Tristan Griffin (Ken), Anya Zaretsky (Chris), Laurent Brodie (Lenny), Ingrid Martin (Claire), Manny Cordoba-Castro (Ernie), Diana Michaelis (Cookie), Emmaline Ellsworth (Cassie), Miranda Sapers (Welch), and Luke Weber (Pudney)